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Convert between BRF (Braille ASCII Format) files and Eurobraille ESYS language 6 dot Braille codes.

This simple online tool will convert BRF to ESYS ASCII Braille codes. This is to allow easy conversion between the language Braille codes on Eurobraille's ESYS and the standard BRF ISO ASCII Braille codes. It does not translate from one written language to another.

If this is used together with a free tool like NFBTRANS, you can write contracted Braille on your ESYS and convert it to the BRF standard on here then convert the BRF file to regular text. It works the same in reverse.

How to use this tool

Just copy/paste the contents of your BRF or ESYS ASCII Braille text file into the space below. You can use any text editor to open your BRF or ESYS files.

Once the text is copied into the space, select the source and target Braille codes from the dropdown selection lists and click convert.

Once it is converted, you can copy/paste the text into another file ready for use.